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When it rains, it pours...

Hello again!

I’m sure you are tired of hearing from me. I just wanted to send a couple of updates and reminders.

We know how much changes can impact everyone and we appreciate your understanding and patience. Our attempt is to not close and remain available for childcare. There are both childcare centers and schools closing due to COVID-19.

Parents always have the option to mask in the building. Children 2 and older also have the option to mask. Our teachers also always have the option to mask, many of them do. We will be opening windows and doing the most of mitigation. The cases are isolated and in 3 of 4 cases it is isolated right now to just the children. We cannot mask children under 2. We have seen anecdotally that masking children has not decreased the spread of COVID-19 in other centers. Most children cannot effectively mask, take off masks for snack, lunch, and nap, and then mask again without the same risk for transmission.

Infant classrooms are being isolated and we will do our best to keep those teachers only in those classrooms.

  • If anyone in your household is positive for COVID-19, your child MUST stay home for 10 days. If you child is positive for COVID-19 they must stay home for 10 days. If anyone in your home is waiting for a COVID-19 test result due to a close contact your child must stay home until results are in.

  • Children who are not feeling well must remain at home for 24 hours to make sure symptoms don’t worsen and can return with a negative COVID-19 test.

Please, please help us reduce rates.

  • We are not required or recommended to quarantine children for school-based exposures. We are not required to notify families.

  • We will continue to notify parents and treat each situation independently based on the information.

  • If cases continue to rise, we will re-evaluate our policies and procedures.

Failure to follow COVID-19 protocols will result in penalties up to an including immediate dismissal from the school.

Your child’s health and safety are our number one priority! We are reducing hours so our teachers who are on vacation or need time off can remain on vacation, our teachers can stay home with kids or family members that need their care, and so our teachers don’t get burnt out. Our teacher’s health and safety directly effects your child. Making sure they are well rested and prepared and not working overtime is imperative to them being great teachers. We will continue to prioritize this and not expect or demand overtime. This is being done to prevent total shut down of operations.

We know with some quick mitigation and diligence from our teachers and families we can go back to regular operations.

And last but not least, Happy Mother's Day to all!

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