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Reminders and Policy Updates

Hello EEC Parents -

As we close out 2023, the Administrative Team from EEC has a few reminders and a couple policy changes for 2024.  

We do have a small update on the power outage.  Both myself and neighbors have reported the on-going infrastructure issue to our local elected officials.  EEC has been lucky, as Halstead Road residents have experienced significantly more power outages than we have, but old power lines cannot continue to cause us to not be operational.  We have also worked with the church to identify the issue with the heater(s).  Unfortunately the power outage and subsequent restoration of power caused a problem with the heater turned back on.  We hope to receive an update from the county/state soon.


  • Please return your child’s holiday attendance form.  

  • When your child is sent home with an illness, the yellow Illness at School form must be returned when your child returns to school.  Children must be healthy and able to participate in school activities.  

  • It is imperative that we be informed of any medical updates for your child.  We cannot provide proper care for your child, if we do not have all the information.  This should include any services (Physical therapy, speech therapy, etc) that you child may receive outside of school as well.  

  • Winter clothing:  We are REQUIRED to go outside if the temperature/wind chill is at 32 or above.  We also like to go outside, as the kids need it.  That means, your child needs weather appropriate clothing, outerwear and accessories to play in.  We suggest keeping the cold weather gear at school M-F.  This can include a heavy coat, as it’s not safe for kiddos to wear them while strapped into a car seat anyway.  Please ensure your child has boots here at school, as the playground gets continuously wet in the winter.  If picking up from the playground, you can bring everything back in the AM if preferred.

  • WINTER WEATHER CLOSING:  We understand that childcare is still needed when there is bad weather.  We make every effort to open during winter weather.  However, the safety of our staff and children are our priority.  We do not follow any school district or state closing patterns (If we did we’d be closed much more).  We take many things into consideration.  The hardest decisions come when the snow fall is light in the morning and supposed to increase by mid-day.  We don’t want to send children or staff home in the midst of a snowstorm or when the roads have become impassable.  

  • During these times we may announce a delayed opening to see how the forecast plays out.  

  • We will send out information by 6am.

  • Typically a delayed opening will be at 9:30am.  On these days we will not serve morning snack.  

  • Please be prepared for early closures as well.  We will give at least ONE hour notice at a minimum and parents will be expected to pick up in that time frame. 

  • ROADS near EEC.  The corner at Whitby and Halstead is notoriously terrible.  We continue to report this to the neighborhood.  We often also have blockage turning onto Whitby Road from 202.  It is usually much easier to come in at the St. Mary Magdalene entrance when there is bad weather.  

NEW (or returning) POLICIES FOR 2024: 

  • Lunches:  We are going to return to parents putting their children’s lunches into the refrigerators.  Each classroom will inform parents of where the appropriate place is for their lunches. We have two refrigerators, one in the entry hallway near the bathrooms and the other in the Big Room. Please remember, ONLY items that must remain cold should be put in the lunch bins. The rest of the lunch remains in your child’s lunch box - do not put lunch boxes in the refrigerators.  

  • Drop Off updates:  

  • No drop offs or returns to school may happen between 12:30pm-2:30pm (except in Room 1).  This is too disruptive to the sleeping children.  

  • Children must arrive at EEC by 10:30 am each day, we recommend by 9am as this is when the day “starts” in many classrooms. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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