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Good morning parents!

Spring is here, or it's supposed to be. Don't wash and store those winter coats just yet. We have a few reminders to discuss. The first one directly impacts the safety of our children, so while it may seem tedious, it really does help us keep track of children and keep your child safer.

Entering/Exiting the Building

Parents must enter the building from the front door and exit out the back door.

Once you enter, you may either

  1. If your child is outside you may

    1. go get your child from the playground and then enter the building to get their things with your child and exit out the back door. A QR Code has been added to the playground door.

    2. Go to the classroom and get your child’s items and exit out the back door. Then you may re-enter the building and go out to the playground to pick up your child. A QR Code has been added to the playground door.

  2. If your child is in their classroom

    1. You head straight to your child’s classroom, pick them and their daily items up and then proceed to exit out the back door.

Please do NOT congregate by the front door. If your child is walking in from the playground or in the hallway, please do not take them out of line until they have made it to their classroom. Please feel free to hold their hand and walk with them. You then can take them and proceed out the back door.

PART TIME Families:

  • As of April 4, 2022, we will not be able to accommodate part-time children switching days. We have remained as flexible as possible throughout the pandemic realizing life is ever changing. We now are just at our capacity and do not have the flexibility to be able to do this. If you foresee needing to change the part-time days your child is attending please email immediately so we can plan for that change.


  • There is no credit given for vacations, scheduled school holidays, child illness, or for closings due to emergency situations, inclement weather or the act of God. If your child is absent from the Educational Enrichment Center DE, LLC for 4 consecutive weeks or more, we will charge half tuition to hold your child’s spot in the program. We are only able to hold your child’s spot for a maximum of 3 months.


  • Make sure your child has an extra pair of shoes at school. We prefer to have a pair of boots to go outside. The playground is muddy and we go outside as long as the weather cooperates. Boots help save our carpets and floors from mud getting tracked inside. An extra pair of shoes will do the trick if you do not have a pair of boots.


  • We are almost solely enrolled because of word of mouth, and I wanted to extend a thanks for that.

  • Unfortunately, we have a growing waitlist and some of your referrals are ending up on it. If you know anyone considering childcare for children under 2 for Fall/Winter 2022 or Winter/Spring 2023 and they have EEC on their list, please encourage them to tour now. Centers throughout the state are limiting infant and toddler enrollment, and it is becomming more and more difficult to find care.

  • Our PreK 3 and PreK 4 programs are on a waitlist.

  • We have a few spots left for children who are under 3, as of 9/1/2022.

  • For children under 2, we have incredibly limited openings.

  • Moving forward, for new families, enrolling after today, we are back to limiting part-time to Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday. If you are already here or scheduled to be here and have a different arrangement, do not panic. This is for new children joining EEC.


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