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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Good morning EEC Parents -

We are offering conferences to families the week of February 6, 2023. We get the question each year - are conferences mandatory? They are not.

We never wait for conferences to discuss any concerns or issues. If you do not feel you need a conference that is totally fine. Teachers are also available to talk on the phone daily from 1pm-4pm.

Sign-Ups for conferences can be found here. Please let us know if you have any issues signing up. Deadline to sign up is Wednesday, February 1st. Please fill in your CHILD'S NAME in the time slot that you choose.

Should I sign up for a conference? That is totally up to you. Do you have a question or concern or topic you'd like to discuss that you haven't had an opportunity to discuss before now? Then yes please do.

Also - the real news here is - we are returning to normal operating hours, 7:15am-5:30pm. We will have the late room available until 5:45pm. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding while we made sure we had the appropriate staff to teach and care for your children.

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