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Happy Friday EEC Families!

Throughout COVID-19 we have kept to the highest health and safety standards. While some regulations and recommendations have altered throughout the last year, constant change for children, our staff, and our families would have created confusion. However, there are enough changes now that we feel we can move forward with some updates to our policies and procedures.

Starting May 29th:

We are going back to lunch boxes and water bottles. Yay for the environment.


So how do I drop off and pick up now?

  • The same way.

  • Cold items will be removed from the lunch boxes and put in the lunch bin outside the classroom door.

  • Water bottles and lunch items will be sent home daily. They will be in the hallways at the end of the day.

  • Thermos or non-refrigerated items stay in the lunch box.

  • One-Way Entry/Exit

  • Drop off will remain at the classroom door.

  • This is helpful in many ways.

  • Please call between 1pm-4pm to chat with your child’s teacher.

  • We are keeping this new procedure. Why?

  • It’s actually much safer.

  • We don’t have a crowd of people at the entrance at drop off and pick up.

  • It takes a little more time, but it keeps your children safer.

  • You cannot go directly to the playground to pick up your child. You must go through the building.

SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDERS! Last order of the year will be going home today. We get a lot of free books from your orders and very much appreciate them. We have an extensive library but always love to grow it! The EEC Code is: GQ2GY


Kindergarten (11:30am) and Pre-Kindergarten 4 (11:00am) will have graduation on Wednesday, June 16th. We will have an outdoor ceremony. A light reception will follow. RAIN DATE: Thursday, June 17th.

Classroom Transitions:

Friday, June 18th EEC is CLOSED for In-Service

Monday, June 21st your child will start in their new classroom!

Notice of classrooms will go out by June 4, 2021. Teachers do not know this information.

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