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July Covid Updates

Good afternoon EEC Parents -

We just wanted to give some quick updates. As we have increased our working hours and began to welcome back more children, we are surprised by how well the transition has gone for most children. Those children nearing 18 months have been the hardest, but even they have come around to the carline drop off. Reminder drop off is between 7:45-9am and pick-up is 3:30-4:45pm. Pick up and drop off outside of those times, just requires a phone call.

As we move to increasing to more children we are confident that the protocols we have set in place will continue to keep staff, children, and families healthy and safe.

We know how difficult it is to drop children off and not see and speak to their teachers. Unfortunately, this does not seem like a regulation change that is going to loosen until Phase 3, and even then I can't be sure.

We are encouraging parents to call at nap time to talk to teachers, and infant parents as always we encourage you to call and check in. We know it's not the same and we thank you for your continued trust. I also thank those families who have been liaisons to new families who are joining EEC during COVID. These are certainly difficult times and we are working hard to maintain the highest level of care.

Starting 7/13/2020 we will be starting to offer pizza again. Pizza for July/August will be billed in August's bill. You can sign up for one day per week (Monday or Wednesday) or both days. It's $6.50 per month for one day per week and $13.00 per month for two days per week. July will only be billed for 1/2 a month. Please sign up for pizza here.

Sunscreen is not required. However, we can only use non-aerosol sunscreen. Please make sure if you want your child to wear sunscreen you complete the SUNSCREEN FORM and bring in sunscreen.

July billing is being finalized today. All billing for August/September 2020 is currently going out. All August/September payments are due on July 30th, for those families starting back August 24th. Some bills may have a different due date, but we are working on fixing that. If we have not gotten a confirmation of start back date from you, if your bill for the start of the 2020 school year is not paid by July 30th, we will have to assume that means you are forfeiting your child's spot. April's tuition reimbursement is being applied to that bill for families who have not yet returned. Failure to communicate or pay the bill by July 24th will result in the loss of the tuition reimbursement and your child's deposit.

EEC Kindergarten and After School. EEC is currently opening up registration for Kindergarten for the 2020-2021 school year. We do need a minimum of 7 children. Registration information can be found here. Complete the application for Kindergarten and After school.

PreK 3 & PreK 4: We have a very limited number of spots still available. Before these go totally public I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to register. This will be on a first come first serve basis, so if you had planned on having your child(ren) at another school that may have to go to distance/online learning, we do plan to be able to stay open through a second wave of COVID or closings of schools. Please email Jamie to register.

OPENINGS: EEC is going to continue to limit our classroom sizes to meet current COVID guidelines so that in the event of a second wave we don't have to pick and choose what families can stay and which cannot. That being said, we do have VERY limited openings for children older than 2, and we have limited openings for children 2 and under. Our infant rooms currently also have openings. Please share with friends and family. We also do have part-time availability in our Infant Rooms.

TUITION: No increase for the duration of 2020 for current EEC families with currently registered children.


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