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Halloween Parade

Let's hope that we all cross our fingers for no rain at 4pm on Friday.

We will make a decision mid-day Friday about the Halloween parade.

What: Halloween Parade

When: Friday, October 29 at 4pm

Where: EEC Parking Lot

What do you need to do?

  • Bring your child's costume completely labeled.

  • No weapons, no small accessories.

  • We will dress your child.

  • Please make sure your child's costume can be worn with clothing.

  • Park on the street or in the lot on Whitby Road.

  • We will parade through the parking lot.

  • Upon completion of the parade, please sign your child out with your classroom.

ONE parent may enter the building to gather children's belongings.

IF it rains: we will do a parade with the children. Unfortunately it is too many people to do an indoor event with families. If it rains the parade will conclude by 4:15pm.

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