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Just a reminder parents, Friday, October 30th at 4pm is the EEC Halloween Parade. Please send costumes to school with your children. This is for ALL our EEC families - Infants-School Age. Older children who are not part of EEC but wish to dress up are encouraged to do so. They can parade with our Hybrid Learning students. They will have to stay with this class until the end of the parade.

Family members are invited - we have plenty of space for social distancing.

We will start the parade out the front door with families lining the parking lot. We will walk out the front door, through the parking lot, and around to the back door. The oldest children go first and will sit and cheer for all the younger friends. Please stand with your child's designated class. There will be signage. If you have multiple children, please go to the youngest classroom. We have reasons for this. Please do not enter the building prior to the parade.

Parents MUST wear masks if 6'+ of social distancing cannot be maintained outside. Masks must be worn inside the building.

Parents will be able to enter the building after the parade. One parent per family may enter the building. We will have to do it in groups. This will allow for parents to pick up their child's belongings. Belongings will all be put in the hallway for you to pick up. Follow arrows as usual. Belongings should include their jackets, clothes they wore to school, and any other typical Friday items.

Children will need to be signed out from a teacher. Children will stay with their teachers outside until belongings have been picked up. We do not want children to re-enter the building.

Parents need to plan to take their child home with them at the conclusion of the parade. Weather is obviously a factor. We will make a final decision at 3pm on Friday. Please cross your fingers for good weather.

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