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Floors! (Please read)


We are very excited that we have found a company that can handle cleaning, stripping and waxing our classroom floors. We are also thrilled that they want to expedite the schedule. THIS IS FOR THIS WEEK.

We will have some classroom disruptions on location this week. We are confident and hopeful that it's only one day per classroom of being displaced.

  • Tuesday: Room 1 and 3 will be in the BIG ROOM. Room 10 will be in Room 28 upstairs.

We are confirming the schedule with the company for the rest of the week. If it goes as planned the schedule is as follows:

  • Wednesday: Room 4 and 5 in the BIG ROOM. Room 7 & 9 in Room 28 upstairs.

  • Thursday: Room 2 in the BIG ROOM. Room 6 & 8 in Room 28 upstairs.

****HELP NEEDED**** if any parents are available Monday (TODAY!!), Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings from 5:30-6:30 to help us move some furniture to the hallways and Big Room it would be helpful. We could also use help Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday morning at 7am to move furniture back into classrooms. If you can help please shoot us an email to or stop by the offfice. Thank you!


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