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Finally Friday... !

Good afternoon EEC Families!

An incredibly large exhale! Thank you! We are thrilled that after this week we have had no more positive COVID-19 cases. We resume normal hours for children 7:15am-5:30pm.

Even if EEC becomes 100% COVID-19 free, there are outside exposures that we cannot control and we will continue to see cases. In order to keep our operations running, we must have healthy teachers. Our mitigation strategies while prioritizing teacher health and safety, will ultimately keep your child healthy and safe.

We cannot mitigate exposure beyond our doors. We need your help. We are only one part of you and your children’s lives. Please, if you know you were in close contact or your children, make decisions that best mitigate the spread for all. We are all making decisions on risk with what we do each day and our time outside of EEC.

If your child is sick, keep them home. You cannot send in a sick and medicated child. If give your child medication in the morning, for any reason, you must let us know. We know there are SEVERAL other illnesses going around other than COVID-19. We have always had policies and regulations that say sick kids cannot come to school. These policies and regulations are still effective and always have been throughout COVID-19.

To that end we will be requiring the following:

  • All children must be tested for COVID-19 prior to arrival at school every MONDAY. This test should happen no earlier than 6am each day. We do have tests available if you do not have access to tests. You may pick up a test at EEC and test your child before entering the building.

  • Children with COVID-19 symptoms MUST stay home. Please see the BrightWheel daily questionnaire for a definition of COVID-19 symptoms. They will be sent home if they present symptoms at school. The child must remain COVID-19 free with a PCR test and 48 hours at home to make sure symptoms do not get worse. If you child has symptoms related to another illness/virus/allergies, etc. that will require a doctor’s note to return prior to 48 hours and will still require a negative PCR test.

  • Children must stay home for 10 days if someone in the household tests positive for COVID-19.

  • Children must stay home if anyone in the household is testing for COVID-19 and can return when the household has negative tests results for COVID-19.

  • Staff and families will be required to mask while indoors.

  • We will be opening windows in all classrooms.

  • Our infant programs still remain COVID-19 free. We will continue to do our part to mitigate risk of exposure. However, those children do have siblings in other classrooms and we can only control what happens inside of our school.

Thank you for your continued support. Cheers to a fantastic weekend and we will see you all on Monday!


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