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ECE Town Halls

Please share with friends, family, colleagues, and community leaders:

Early childhood providers have been persistent and consistent in raising awareness and the level of crisis facing our industry. This continued advocacy paired with legislative champions has catapulted Early Childhood to a top priority for the state - affordability for all - is a large conversation area.

Senator Kyle Evans Gay will host a series of town halls in communities across New Castle, Kent, and Sussex counties to discuss Delaware’s early childhood education system.

These community conversations will feature families, child care providers, businesses, elected officials, and advocates to discuss the challenges with the current early childhood education system. The goal of these town halls is to highlight solutions that will improve the lives of Delawareans and bolster the state’s economy.

Each town hall will have a variety of local community leaders and guests to offer diverse perspectives on Delaware’s early childhood infrastructure. To stay updated on who will be speaking at each town hall visit:

All town halls are open to the public and the press. Recordings of each town hall will be posted on Senator Gay’s Facebook Page:

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