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Classroom Summer Updates

Good afternoon!

As we move towards the end of the school year we have been working hard to get things ready for summer! That being said there will be some changes as of June 21, 2022. Classrooms are shifting and teachers are changing. You will get notices tomorrow at pick up.

For newer families this will be different. This is how things were BC (before COVID). As we are keeping most of our PreK4 children the transition of children is going to mostly happen at the start of the school year. We may finally get back to a normal transition schedule next year. Transitions and children are typically not easy. We know that and plan for it. We also know that it usually takes about 2 weeks before everyone settles in, some take more time and some take less. It's all dependent on your child.

We are welcoming some new staff members on board and welcoming back some staff members.

Returning Staff:

  • Erin Ritchie

  • Katherine Filliben

New Staff:

  • Denice Demming

  • Marisa Davis

  • Jenn Sorbello

  • Anna Garyantes

  • Laurie Hazen

It is bittersweet but Ms. Natasha will be leaving us at the end of the school year to take on an administrative/teaching position at Kingswood Community Center while she completes her degree as well.

Please also note that the calendar for summer and fall is available online as well.

We will be sending home a paper version of the calendar as well.

The other note is that we will be having a tuition increase beginning September 1, 2022. Our costs have increased significantly, most of that increase has gone to staffing. However, every good and service that we use has increased between 20-40%. This is our first tuition increase for families that have been with us before the pandemic since 2018.

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