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Starting on Monday, parents will be checking their children in and out using the BRIGHTWHEEL app. If you have not signed up, please do so ASAP. Please check your SPAM if you have not received an email from BrightWheel.

  • You will scan a QR code outside of the classroom and follow 3 quick prompts to check your children in. Each of you has a code/PIN (that you can change yourself) in your account that you will need. Don't forget your phone.

  • Also a good time to remind people to not leave purses or phone or keys in cars. It's rare but we have had items stolen from cars during drop-off and pick-up.

  • You can add APPROVED PICK-UP people in the app by updating your child's profile. They will be prompted with next steps. You can also add Emergency Contacts as well. If a grandparent or guardian drops off or picks up regularly, please add them. We know there will be a learning curve for all and we are here to help!

BILLING: I know a few families are experiencing issues connecting your accounts.

Here is the Parent Guide. This is the email you can get direct help from: There will be NO late charges assessed. Sibling discounts should be reflected. If not please let me know. If you are having trouble connecting your bank account you can use this link: How to Connect a Bank Account

If you have any additional questions please email


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