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Baby it's cold outside...

Hello EEC Families -

We have a few reminders:

Holiday Adopt-A-Child: Ministry of Caring

This marks year 4 of our partnership with Ministry of Caring Childcare Center. This school site for MOC is their highest need. Many of the children are in foster care, homeless, or in temporary housing situations. We look to brighten their day and holiday season just a little bit. There are children's names available in the vestibule. This has the child's sizes as well. We ask that each child receive a safe, developmentally appropriate toy, a warm blanket, and warm pajamas. EEC provides each child with a book. Please bring these in a REUSABLE shopping bag. They need to be as easily transportable as possible.


While this is always our policy, we go outside EVERY SINGLE DAY. This means we need weather appropriate clothing daily. This includes: a heavy winter coat, gloves/mittens, hat, and BOOTS. Why boots if it's not snowing you ask? We wear boots (or a change of shoes but boots are best) outside because we go out even when it's muddy. This allows our classrooms to stay clean, but our children to get messy. Large motor play is so important to all ages and we get this by going outside. LABEL everything that comes in with your child. You can leave the cold weather gear here. Should a winter coat be forgotten, we will call to ask you to bring in a coat for your child. We understand mistakes happen and that it might only be once, but sometimes we have multiple children who forget on the same day and we do not have extras for everyone.

CARS cannot be left running in the parking lot. We know it's cold, but it will quickly warm up again.


Please, please, please remember to label everything that comes into school. We would love to say that we remember whose blanket is whose, or what jacket belongs to whom, but sometimes we forget. Anything your child brings to school should be labeled.


We are a NUT FREE school. Please make sure you read your labels. This includes anything that says "Processed in a facility". The items must be completely nut free. This is a health and safety matter. Our teachers do check as well, but again, we are feeding 10+ children at a time and our older children open their own food sometimes before we can check it. Please help us keep kids safe.

COAT DRIVE & Donations

We will have bins available throughout the winter, but St. Michael's Nursery and School has a desperate need for WINTER coats and gear of all sizes. We will continue to take donations throughout the winter. If you find yourself cleaning out closets please just drop them off to us!

We continue to take general donations as well that go to Ministry of Caring Childcare Center. These donations can include: children's clothing (please make sure it has a lot of life left), toys, books, and children's items (pack and play, etc). If you are bringing a larger item please let us know. We do drop offs about once a month. These items are so appreciated.


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