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October Updates

EEC Families,

October is here. We continue to count our blessings in so many ways. We want to take a moment to thank you, our families, for your trust, cooperation, and patience throughout this still challenging time. We know how stressful this time is for everyone and we continue to hope to meet each situation with grace and compassion.

Just a few reminders and updates.


Photo Days: October 13th and 14th (more information to come)

Conferences: Week of October 25th (these will be virtual)

Halloween Parade: 4pm, October 29th – families and siblings encouraged to come in costume

Pick-Up: We really need all parents, regardless of your child’s classroom location to enter through the front door and exit out the back door (near big room). If your child is on the playground you need to re-enter the building to get your child. Thank you!

Illness at school: As we move into cool/cold mornings and warm afternoons we know children are going to experience runny noses, coughs, and congestion. We are doing our best to determine when a child needs to be sent home, when they need to see a doctor, and when they need a COVID-19 test. We have heard from two of the larger pediatric providers in the area that sick visits are becoming very hard to get and the wait times could be days. Reminder the Brandywine Hundred Library has at home COVID tests.

After checking with Department of Health and Nemours Pediatrics we have updated our illness at school form. The form can be found here. Please let us know if you have questions. This has never been and never will be a perfect procedure. We will make mistakes along the way. But please know, we are making decisions with the intention of keeping everyone healthy.

As a friendly reminder, we have always had illness at school required procedures as laid out by the Office of Childcare Licensing. We need to continue to follow all prior guidance as well as the increase COVID-19 requirements. We understand the inconvenience this can cause, but we'd rather 24-48 hours than 10-14 days.

Preparing for winter! We will continue to go out every day twice a day, especially for our older children. You will need boots to be kept here at school starting soon. These are great to just keep here even for when it’s wet. Everyone also needs to have mittens/gloves, winter hat, weather appropriate jacket. Many families choose to keep a heavier jacket here at school Monday-Friday since children should be in a light-weight jacket while in a car seat.

Enrollment Updates: We have extremely limited enrollment before June 2022. Our infant classrooms are filling up for Summer/Fall of 2022, we even have started reservations for January of 2023. Please complete an application. Email application to

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